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Family trip to Denmark

Family trip to Denmark

Someone wise once told me the best thing you can do for yourself and for your loved ones is to travel, to expand your horizons by practically seeing life unravel before your very eyes. I took that person’s advice and passed it on to my friends and whoever I encountered in my life and travels – without presuming to teach life lessons or anything of the sort.

Today I would like to tell you an “urban story”, though, about my friends, Joe and Keira, who decided to give their 3 kids an unforgettable Christmas present. Raising 3 children with only one wage in the family can prove to be challenging, and many say traveling is for the well-off, those who live comfortably enough to afford the inherent expenses.

Joe and Keira weren’t of this opinion – and I am simply glad to see them set an example! They’ve raised their children with the tales of Hans Christian Andersen and with fables of distant lands and beautiful exploits, so it was only logical that, once they were old enough (they are aged 6, 8 and 9), they would want to visit some of the places they had read of. Their choice was almost immediately apparent. But planning a Family trip to Denmark on a low budget still wasn’t feasible with the sole contribution of Joe’s salary.

To make a long story short, they found a solution with payday loans, an online system that basically lends you money for a relatively low interest rate. Through the instalment loan, the process is totally transparent, showing an online loan calculator which basically shows you exactly how much you owe for a given borrowed amount of money.

The Family trip to Denmark lasted for an unforgettable week, the money was repaid with no incident and it all turned out to be a story with a happy ending. Joe and Keira didn’t let the lack of money stand in the way of their children’s happiness.



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