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Everything you need to know when traveling to Portugal – Part 1

Everything you need to know when traveling to Portugal – Part 1

Everything you need to know when traveling to Portugal is at the tip of your fingers and today we are going to cover all the aspects there are to be covered to make your next trip as successful as can be.

Portugal is a country that encompasses the Mediterranean air, the European rich cultural legacy and the Oriental influences of times long passed. There is a very welcoming feeling of being welcomed and you can feel at ease and at home among people who are very laid back and friendly.

The Portuguese speak little English usually, but strangely enough, communication is not an issue with these nice and welcoming locals. The Portuguese are not so openly happy and outgoing as the Spanish, for instance, but they are tolerant and friendly and it’s easy to communicate with them even though you don’t speak much Portuguese – communication is something that happens beyond words with these people.

The country is beautiful and honest, always an authentic experience. The weather is mild and pleasant – almost always sunny with over 300 days of sunshine – but also never as hot and wet as in Spain or other Southern countries. The proximity to the Atlantic Ocean makes the climate very pleasant and sunny.

The capital city of Portugal, Lisbon, is a very accessible and pleasant city. The architecture with its endless strings of Azulejos and winding cobblestone narrow streets create a charming and sunny maze you will want to get lost in forever. There is a myriad options of lodgings, entertainment and transportation in Lisbon.

You can search for lodgings online or locally, the choice is yours. But it is best to do a thorough research of what there is on the market and the prices you can revolve around. At any rate, prices are very accessible here compared to other tourist destinations in Western Europe.

Transport in Lisbon is also cheap and there are several variants, from public transport, Metro system and taxi to Lisbon car rental and Lisbon taxi transfers.




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