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Did you know this about Granada?

Did you know this about Granada?

Much can be said about rain. But the legendary by now “rain in Spain”, despite its mainland occurrence, is still a safer bet than rain in the rest of Europe, in the cooler parts of the continent. So today we escape the onset of cold in autumn and travel to a beautiful destination in Spain. And while we’re at that: Did you know this about Granada?

1. The Muslim built the famous, amazing Alhambra Castle in Granada. This outstanding Moorish construction has become equivalent with Granada and marks the inter-cultural legacy of the place. But did you know that the Muslims controlled Granada for no less than 800 years, making it the longest rule in the Spanish history.

2. Did you know that “granada” means “pomegranate” in Spanish? Well, it does and it’s the city’s symbol – which is somewhat unsurprising.

3. Poet and playwright Federico Garcia Lorca was born and met his untimely death in 1936 in Granada city.

4. People keep talking about the “rain in Spain”, but actually the sun in Granada should receive more exposure. That is because Granada happily boasts 250 days of sunshine per year.

5. Granada was built at the foot of the amazing Sierra Nevada Mountains. The mountain range displays the highest point in Spain, the Mulhacen Peak, which measures 3.478 meters.

6. Granada holds a great secret… which has leaked a bit, but no matter! There are beautiful hidden gardens scattered throughout the city. Find them!

7. Finally, did you know that there are around 3 million people who come to Granada every year? Maybe because the city houses 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the Alhambra, Albayzin and Generalife.

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