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Destinations to dream of when it’s cold outside – Part 3

Destinations to dream of when it’s cold outside – Part 3

And still i will not stop thinking about the most awesome destinations to dream of when it’s cold outside. And after talking about Italy for a little while last time, I thought I’d also suggest the southern side of Italy as a perfect getaway destination. And this is mostly because this is a completely world altogether. When you speak of an Italian voyage, there are actually two worlds to explore and they are both fascinating and rich and wonderful and deserving of all your attention. So here are some of the places you really must put on your list for a southern Italian tour. 

Leave aside all that you think you know about Southern Italy when you get here, because not all is “The Godfather”. Surely, recent history of the mafia and its portrayals in cinema and literature have become imprinted in the fibre of the place, but there is much more to this amazing realm than scary stories of underground societies.
So here are some suggestions of places to visit in southern Italy. We are going to lead with Naples as probably the most fascinating and diverse city in the region. It has been a human settlement since antiquity and the life of the city has always been intrinsically linked with that of the port and with the riches of the sea. You can best appreciate Naples by car and you can get one on spot by booking online from Naples airport car hire.
Aside from the fascinating port, with the myriad of colorful boats with veils dancing in the wind, there are a lot of other spots to explore here, starting with the Archeological Museum, which holds one of the greatest ancient exhibits in all the world.
In Naples, you really need to taste pizza, the authentic sort, as this is its birthplace.
And of course if you take a boat or ferry, you should really visit the islands nearby, especially the lavish and posh Capri Island and the fascinating Pompeii.