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Destinations for this July (part 3)

Destinations for this July (part 3)

This is the final week till July rolls around so we’ll be continuing our look at the various destinations for this July, to consider for your holiday.

Isla Holbox – Mexico

Set in the Caribbean Sea, just off the northern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula, Isla Bolbox is a wonderful place to unwind, where you can stroll the beaches and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere.

However in July, this is also where you can see the largest fish in the sea – the whale shark. The immense creatures are drawn here by the abundance of plankton and visitors are drawn to the chance to swim with the massive creatures in turn. Even though they are over 15 metres long and weigh up to 15 tons, they are classified as vulnerable species so make sure you’re booking a swimming session with a reputable company that only allows three people – including the guide – in the water with the sharks at any one time.

Vancouver – Canada

Vancouver’s cultural and artistic scene can be described with a long list of adjectives but going there in July will allow you to experience all of them, because the summer festival schedule is packed to the brim. There are three major music festivals taking place, each of them as varied as the city itself, the first being the Vancouver International Jazz Festival, followed by the Vancouver Folk Music Festival and then the classical connoisseur will enjoy the Vancouver Early Music Festival.

Kansai – Japan

Summer is also the festival season in Japan, this is when you’ll find the most festivals, fireworks and street food. In July however, you can get all of those things if you go to Kansai.

This is Gion Matsuri and it is the country’s most famous festival and it runs all month in the temple-filled ancient capital of Kyoto. Make sure to not miss the grand parade which takes place on 17 July and then only a week later nearby Osaka lets loose with the Tenjon Matsuri on 24 and 25 July.



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