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Best beaches and small islands for your 2014 holiday (part 1)

Best beaches and small islands for your 2014 holiday (part 1)

This year is the International Year of Small Islands Developing States, so we’re taking this opportunity to talk about these tiny, remote and absolutely fascinating spots around the planet.


The Micronesian nation of Palau isn’t made of so much islands as it is made of giant green mushrooms. Obviosuly it’s not made up of huge mushrooms but it certainly seems like that.

The country is an archipelago made of over 200 lush limestone islets which make for some great kayaking territory and when you get tired from all the paddling, you can simply stop and relax floating above some of the best subaqua action possible. One very unique attraction is snorkeling in Jellyfish Lake where you can swim alongside millions of gelatinous zooplankton. Normally this wouldn’t be suggested but these particular jellyfish have lost their ability to sting.


Yet another archipelago, Tonga is made up of about 170 isles, sprinkled across some of the bluest parts of the South Pacific. The country is the home of the region’s only remaining kingdom, a place where globalization hasn’t yet eroded the Polynesian tradtions. There are great locations here for those looking for empty or remote beaches, super snorkelling or whale watching.

Sao Torme & Principe

This place is located in the middle of the world, literally, located at the Equator it is Africa’s smallest and maybe least-known state. The outcrops are part of a chain of extinct volcanoes located in the Gulf of Guinea, west of Gabon, so this is the reason why not many tourists find them. Those who do venture out and find the place will be rewarded with many miles of sandy beaches which are only trodded upon by fishermen, not to mention a jungle interior and a 2024 peak to climb.



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