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Authentic experience while traveling

Authentic experience while traveling

As you know we always share with our readers and friends the latest apps and experience so here it is a new one.

Do you find ever find yourself looking for an authentic experience while traveling, Travelflix, is a travel tool that helps you optimize your travel experience. Share picks, build a travel profile with an interactive map, meet others and find the best places to eat stay and play all in the same place. This travel app seeks to ensure your travel experience is as customized as your interest.

Eat Stay and Play’ is feature where customers can select restaurants, hotels, and attractions based on travel interest questions. Do you prefer local food over popular choices have an interest in hotels off the beaten path? These questions help you create a better experience while traveling. If you seek to meet others and share those experiences this travel app is for you.

Popular sites like Yelp and Travelocity are based on user-generated content with more of biased approach. This app is completely user driven and travel suggestions are generated by app users. This will add a sense of accountability and engagement by allowing customers to share what their experience was really like.

It’s clear that there is a huge value in people sharing information to help others make informed decisions. With this new release, Travelflix has reinvented travel review model. We have taken something that is typically time consuming and made it fun and available all in one application.

Combined with the new features travelers would have more information and peace of mind using the application to optimize the travel experience.

The company releases version 1.0 this Memorial Day weekend with more personalized recommendations, a space to share travel memories and print photos directly from the app.

The Travelflix is based in Venice, California and the App is available for IOS in English and Spanish so, for sure it will make your travel to be a great experience.



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