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Austria adventure and holiday

Austria adventure and holiday

That summer, I had already given up the hope of traveling anywhere. It had been a busy time and I was planning to spend the few days off from work lying in bed, at home. But then, just about a week before my scheduled vacation, I was randomly browsing the Net when I bumped into a website about Austria adventure.

Austria had always been on my “dream list”, but it seemed a bit beyond my budget and, as all dreams, too good to happen. Just out of curiosity, I read the info on the site and something caught my eye: Tailor made summer holidays in East Tyrol.

I had been on those organized “circuit” excursions before and somehow the constraints of a fixed programme and the idea of being “chased” around the country did not work for me. I wanted more liberty, but at the same time, guidance to know what to visit and how to do everything for a low cost. So I took the chance and contacted the people from this small travel company, who were very friendly and helpful and helped me plan a dream vacation even with my low budget.

I opted for a for four days break and took three of my friends with me, who were also eager for an adventure. We were very lucky to get low cost flight tickets and arranged very convenient lodgings in Lienz, which is also where the company is based. The day we arrived, after we were transferred from the airport (also through the company), we were already eager to explore. So we visited the town – a quiet haven dipped in history, at the heart of the Alps. As the name suggests, Adventure Austria, the company that organized our trip, focuses on adventure excursions, so the next day, we went hiking in the mountain area nearby, which made for an unforgettable day!

We had something planned for each of our four days of stay – after all, how many times are you in Austria? So the next day, we went on a tailor-made trip to Salzburg, a couple of hours` drive from Lienz. As any piano player – even though an amateur one – I’d wanted to see the house where Mozart was born. I instantly fell in love with the town, its rhythm and its baroque architecture and spent hours walking around the Mirabell garden – which is where many scenes from The Sound of Music was shot. We ate lunch in Salzburg and then climbed the hill to go visit the Hohensalzburg medieval Castle, which overlooks the town. We were taken back home just in time to have dinner and go to bed, tired but happy.

And on the third day, we went to Vienna – after all, what Austrian trip is there if you don’t get to see the Capital City, with its Ringstraße and admire Saint Stephen’s Cathedral the Opera House or Hofburg, Princess Sissi`s palace?

The fourth day and last, we spent time outdoors again, in Lienz, saying goodbye to Austria and the beautiful people from Adventure Austria, whom I can’t thank enough for helping me plan the greatest vacation! That evening, we were up in the air, flying home, but we promise we’ll come back for more fun and adventure and beauty in Austria!



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