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Armenia Holiday

Armenia Holiday

Armenia is a beautiful country and has a lot of thing to offer and lots of places to visit. I think that this is a great holiday destination to spend at least a week with your friends and family, therefore I decided to dedicate this article to Armenia.

Among all the incoming tour operators in Armenia, Armenia Holidays Company is one of the veteran in the sphere of hospitality keeping in mind of giving the best experience of discovering the country. Every single traveler has always been and will be provided with a professional and individual touch which increases the trust in a local tour operator as you are traveling to an unknown world. If you want to appear in a remote nook high up in the mountains, if you want to explore an ancient country with a very reach history and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, our kind and friendly team, working with the highest standards in tourism sphere, will be happy in providing you the best local service with detailed information on every issue you want to learn about our beautiful country. Each of us is responsible for their tours, from the initial concept and research to accompanying the tour to ensure that everything runs smoothly. What distinguishes us for the tour operators in Armenia is that we equal tourism with hospitality in the way our guests tell us that have experienced an authentic Armenia.

Unlike other tour operators in Armenia the value added of Armenia Holidays offering is its knowledge and expertise, competitive rates, and specialty focus on quality service, which translate into increased satisfaction for the customer. As it is our aim, whenever possible, to ensure that every pound spent on behalf of our clients in our country goes on quality service.

Taking into consideration our small territory covering an area of 29,743 square kilometers your tour will be with a lot of surprises as the land shaft varies from region to region and each region has its unique nature. Cultural and religious tours to Armenia give travelers the breathtaking feeling of finding yourself in the oldest of civilizations. You’ll enjoy the opportunity to touch the khachkars (cross stones) and frescos, that seem not to be made by human being, seize the holy spirit of the cradle of Christianity. In the evenings the smell of freshly baked lavash will invite you to taste traditional Armenian cuisine by accompaniment of national songs.

The people are very friendly and they wish to have the opportunity to show you the beauty of Armenia country!!!



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