April destinations (part 1)

April destinations (part 1)

The month of April is when spring makes a stronger foothold in most of the Northern Hemisphere and as such it makes for a great time to go traveling because April destination will still be in the off season so you’ll still be getting a great deal.

Raja Ampat – Indonesia

The month of April is the start of comfortable temperatures for holidaying in the country of Indonesia.

The country is surrounded by one of the most biodiverse oceans on earth and the fabled diving destination of Raja Ampat is one of the country’s unspoiled corners, boasting more than ten times the number of hard coral species found in the Caribbean. The Indonesian government has also recently decreed that the country’s entire aquatic territory will act as sanctuary for manta rays so this means that you will be able to see these gentle sea creatures much more easily.

Seville – Spain

More of a traditional holidaying spot, Seville is a great idea to visit during April because of how it celebrates the Catholic feast of Holy Week or Semana Santa.

Every day starting from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, very large and life-sized pasos – sculptural representation of Christ’s Passions – are carried through the streets of Seville. They are accompanied by processions and take more than an hour to pass but the celebrations continue in the many bars and restaurants.

Yunnan – China

The middle of April also marks the traditional new year for the Dai minority in the Yunnan province. This is also known as the Water Splashing Festival and is celebrated in the Xishuangbanna region in the far south of the province during a three-day festival which includes a parade, open-air market and sand sculpting on the banks of the Lacang River.

The festivities reach an apex in a day of water splashing, where the entire community comes out to spray and douse each other in water. The symbolism behind the ritual is to cleanse each other for the new year.