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An Amazonian Adventure

An Amazonian Adventure

After an endless string of cultural trips to the most hidden corners of the Occidental world, after inter- cultural explorations and histories revealed, we’ve come to a point where we really feel like talking about something altogether… different. So I thought for today you might enjoy An Amazonian Adventure.

Before we plunge into the luxuriant greenness of the rainforest, we should first spot the place on the map. The Amazonian Rainforest is a vast moist forest, like a jungle, that is located in South America, covering the Amazonian Basin. Where do I find the Amazonian Jungle? Well, in Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador. Suriname, Guyana and the French Guiana are also partly covered by these forests.

The Amazon is the largest tropical rainforest in the world. The River Amazon is also the most voluminous in the world. Several ecosystems are displayed here, from savannas and swamps to forested regions on different soils. 16.000 tree species can be found here.

There are other facts that make the Amazonian Forest amazing. More than half of the world’s animal and plant species call it home.

Also, did you think coffee comes from shiny packages and that potatoes grow in plastic bags? You might be amazed to know that 80% of the world’s foods come from the rainforest. Coffee, chocolate, ananas, pepper, potatoes, corn, rice and tomatoes are just a few of the “mainstream” products that come from the Amazon.

Due to the expansion of human settlement, deforestation became a factor that poses threat to the survival of the rainforest. The process is now being monitored. The rainforest deserves a chance to be saved and preserved as it is: large, green and pristine in its savageness.

If you travel to South America, we suggest visiting Brazil for a completely different experience – and to visit the country that is home to the largest part of the Amazonian Rainforest. With Brasilia car rental, you can enjoy the best ride.