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A lucky happy trip to Portugal

A lucky happy trip to Portugal

We all like feelgood stories that can remind us what a beautiful thing it is to enjoy a wonderful experience while remembering that miracles, though little they may be, still exist and can put a smile on our faces. Today we speak about a lucky happy trip to Portugal.

Sam and Debbie are your average provincial British couple. After finishing school, they got married and applied for a job in their industrial town. In a couple of years, the children came and this brought joy and responsibility in equal measures. Living from one month to another, with only the wage for income, has never been easy, but Sam, Debbie and their two children remain optimistic.

Despite their rather modest origins, Sam and Debbie decided early on to raise their children to dream further and aim higher, to have more hopes and expectations from life. They knew traveling would widen their children’s horizon and give them courage.

A perfect mixture of romanticism and modernity, boasting with the proud history of great conquests and having so many magical tales to tell, Portugal had always been on Sam and Debbie’s list of wonderful places to go. Nevertheless, it was only when Portugal made their children’s short list of places to go that the decision was finally made.

First step: documentation. After doing research, the pair found out virtually all about their future trip to Portugal. Afterwards, a cost assessment was also carefully conducted. Money was a problem and this became apparent from the start.

Borrowing money from a bank immediately conjured up images of mortgages and bailiffs – a bit extreme perhaps, but the couple started looking into alternatives. This is how they bumped into payday loans. Using the internet website, they got a short time loan and were able to enjoy the family holiday of their lifetime.