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Go on a Danish food tour in Copenhagen

Go on a Danish food tour in Copenhagen

The Danish capital of Copenhagen is one of the most cosmopolitan and coolest cities in the Scandinavian region and one of the best ways of getting to know the local culture is by tasting the local food and one way of doing that while also adding in a bit of local knowledge is with the help of a Copenhagen food tour.

Going on a bike Danish food tour will not only introduce you to the local cuisine but by virtue of the fact that it is a bike tour you’ll also be getting that much more immersed in the regional, very bike-friendly culture, so it a twofer.

With the help of a Copenhagen tasting tour you get to enjoy deliciously fresh Danish food while also going on a city tour and experiencing the capital by bike. All of this happening under the watchful eyes of friendly and knowledgeable guides who will be presenting the city around you in style.

The bike food tours start at Radhuspladsen and will take you on a very carefully selected ittinerary made up of great food spots as well as sights where you’ll stop, taste and learn. Obviously the food stops will vary accoridng to both season and supply but the tastings will include enough food to represent a full meal. This means that you won’t be going hungry for the three hours that the tour takes place in.

Keep in mind that you will need a bike in order to go on this Danish bike tour, but since they are so bike-friendly you can just rent one from the many bike rental shops in town which is great for tourists.

Obviously this is just one way of taking in Denmark and its capital but it should be part of your trip there, especially if you’re visiting during the summer months.