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Cold-weather getaways (part 2)

Cold-weather getaways (part 2)

Today we’re looking at a few more cold-weather getaways to give you some ideas for your next holiday destination.


The city of Vancouver is a great tourist destination any time of the year but it shines its best during the winter season. Stanley Park especially is ideal for great walks and the West End hides a lot of very hip coffee shops and brew pubs in which to warm up and take in the atmosphere.

Japan – Monkey hot springs

To some it may come as a surprise, but humans aren’t the only primates who use heated water to fight the winter cold. This is just the case at Japan’s nationally-revered hot springs at Jigokudani Taen Koen – Jigokudani Monkey Park – near Yamaonouchi Townin Nagano in Central Honshu. This is where local macaque monkeys can be seen dipping into the hot water springs for a soak during the winter months. They also turn to a very cute shade of pink in the process. There are baths for humans as well, a little further down the valley but keep in mind that the monkey park is subject to closure during heavy snowfalls.


This one is definitely not on the top list for skiing destinations, but this Mediterranean country is starting to garner a good reputation from winter sports enthusiasts. The ski centres get around three months of reliable snow each year, two of the best known ski resorts are Faraya Mzaar and Cedars. A great bonus for going there is that you can ski in the morning and then jump in a rental car and take a swim in the Mediterranean not long after.


Truth be told, Iceland looks like is in a constant winter for most tourists, but it is even more so particularly fascinating and cold, during the actual winter season. On the other hand it might prove to be not as cold as you would think, with temperatures hovering somewhere around freezing. But it’s the dark days and even darker nights which create a peculiar atmosphere which is taken in stride by the locals. Drinking is advised and visiting the thermal pools is an essential must-do activity.



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