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Visit Setubal in Portugal

Visit Setubal in Portugal

Summer is nearly here in this part of the world, so who knows? Maybe my article today can inspire you to travel to someplace new and exciting as we visit Setubal in Portugal.

Setubal lies some 40 km away from Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal. As you travel through Portugal, you will see that a great many cities and towns here used to be fishermen villages. The life of Portugal is intrinsically linked to the vibrant Atlantic Ocean. Setubal is no different than the norm. In the 20th century, the town was regarded as the greatest fishing center in Portugal, especially sardines, but today none of the factories in the industry work anymore, even though Setubal remains an important port.

Interconnected with the River Sado, Setubal is today an important tourist destination. Across the river, people come to lie in the sand of one of the beaches of the Troia peninsula.

But there are mysteries to be discovered and beauty to be unraveled inside the city of Setubal as well. Maybe you can even get the locals to tell you the legend of the town, which is said to have been established by Tubal, the son of Cain.

Among the many tourist attractions you can visit here, there are a few outstanding churches, by far the most appreciated is the Church of Jesus, a 15th century architectural gem. But built a century later and displaying beautiful panels and gilded decorations added in the 18th century, the Church of Saint Julian is another must-see.

A short drive north of Setubal, you can visit the 12th century medieval fortress of Palmela, taking a trip back in time.

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