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Travel With A Roku And Watch Your Favorite Roku Channels Abroad

Travel With A Roku And Watch Your Favorite Roku Channels Abroad

I must confess, I love watching TV. I also love traveling abroad. However, these two don’t usually mix well considering the different stations, poor quality reception, and time difference. It can be hard to watch your favorite shows while on the road but after trying different methods, I found a way to watch the newest American shows through Roku channels.

Some of you might think it is strange, but I actually look forward to relaxing and watching the newest episodes of my favorite shows when I am traveling. There are a few ways to watch your favorite TV in a different country such as downloading torrents or watching online. The problem with torrents is you have to download a software and potentially downloading a virus on your computer. I struggle watching online with the small laptop screen. I have found the best way to watch TV is using streaming devices. I particularly use Roku streaming stick since it is small and can be carried in your pocket.

Especially for backpackers who maximizes every space in their bag, avoiding bulky electronics is a must. There are several streaming devices such as Apple TV, and Amazon FireTV but they are all big and heavy devices. Roku streaming stick on the other hand, is only 3in x 1in comparable to a size of a thumb drive.

When I travel and check into a hotel, I make sure the hotel has Wi-Fi internet access. You need this in order for your Roku to work. I also make sure the room has a modern TV. Most hotels these days have upgraded to flat screen TV with an HDMI port. I know for sure hotels like Hilton, Sheraton, and Westin have modern TV. But if you are staying in a local hotel, you may want to inquire first before booking the room.

Roku_Streaming_StickAfter a day of sightseeing and eating delicious local food for dinner, I usually go back to my room and sit down to watch TV. This is when I pull out my handy Roku. The setup is quite easy. You don’t need to be tech savvy to make this work. Turn on the TV and plug in the Roku streaming stick into the HDMI. Change the settings on the TV so it’s viewing from the HDMI. Connect your Roku to the hotel’s Wi-Fi internet by typing in the access code or password. Once you have connection on your Roku player, an array of Roku channels are available for you to watch.

Streaming services such as Hulu or Netflix are accessible even if you are in a different country. Hulu is one of the Roku channels you can access. If you are not familiar with Hulu, it is a service that will allow you to watch the newest American shows the very next day after it aired. As long as the internet connection is good, you should be able to watch your favorite TV shows just like you are back at home. It is important that you make sure the hotel’s connection is fast. This is why I like to stay in popular hotels like Hilton or Sheraton. In addition, there are over 1800+ Roku channels available with 68 channels in the travel category including TripSmart, Next Stop TV, and TripEurope channel. I usually watch these channels to get ideas and guide on where to go.

That is all there is to it. No wires to mess around. No complicated software to figure out. Just plug and play. Just the way I like it after a day of walking and touring around sites. Just make sure you don’t forget to unplug your Roku from the TV.



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