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Travel and Couponing As A Hobby!

Travel and Couponing As A Hobby!

Couponing” may sound trite to the uninitiated such as myself, but upon investigating the trend I lost some of my cynicism and realized that, instead of a cutesy-poo vintage-throwback Pinterest trend, it’s a simple and immediate reward system for the growing generation of which I am a part: Young, broke, and trying to be mindful of wastefulness as well as frugality.

Reading through some of the (many) active and enthusiastic couponing  sites, blogs, groups and discussion boards out there, my reptilian brain was tickled on many levels, and then the realization hit me: This is a grown-up, responsible way to do stuff we did when we were twelve.  To wit:

1.     Stamp collecting. Not only do you get to clip, pick up, and trade these little, colorful paper rectangles in a variety of different ways, you can organize them in your own special way in a cute container of your choosing. Some are more valuable than others; some will be coveted by your friends.

2.     Penpals! You can join a Coupon Train and get and receive cool stuff in the mail. All you have to do is join a mailing list to get a big packet of coupons in the mail, take out stuff you want, put in stuff you don’t, and mail it to the next person. It’s like a mail-chain treasure chest. Fun! Sites such as Hot Coupon World have forums where you can find more information or sign onto a mailing list, also, people can get coupons from rebateszone.

3.     Dumpster diving. Sunday paper coupon inserts are everywhere; no need to subscribe. Instead you can drop by a coffee shop or diner on a Sunday afternoon, a newsstand on a Monday morning, hit the recycling box in the break room at work, or grab a stack of Sunday papers at the recycling center.  Once you get in the habit of scanning for free stuff, you will be amazed what you find.

4.     Trading. Instead of baseball cards or Garbage Pail Kids, you now trade coupons. Some stores have a give-and-take coupon basket; you can also set one up in a break room or common area at work, school, the gym, wherever. Slip in the occasional valentine or irreverent cartoon to keep things interesting.

5.     Hangin’ tough with your Grandma. Because this is hardly a new concept. And face it, everything old is new again: Canning, victory gardens, moustaches, sauerkraut, and so forth. It’s vintage-hip.

6.     Beating the system! Some of these people are serious ninjas. If they applied the same skills and strategy to macroeconomics or world politics that they use to save a buck on groceries, they would be our overlords. One can “stack” coupons to dizzying degrees: Combine a manufacturer’s coupon with a store coupon and add in a sale and a rebate, and Poof! That frozen turkey is 43 cents. And the following sentence blew my tiny mind: “If you combine a BOGO (buy one get one) coupon with a BOGO sales item, both items are now free.” That’s stickin’ it to the man, man.

So, you know. Be all responsible and stuff. It’s a lot like sticking your arm in the cereal box to get the free toy.



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