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Tour China on Two Wheels

Tour China on Two Wheels

We have spoken and shared so much about Tibet and about the wonders of Asia in general in our previous posts, but there are still so many experiences that are worth experiencing and definitely deserve at least a quick mention from us. One would be the amazing unique chance to Tour China on Two Wheels.

Tibet and China both display breathtaking landscapes and an air of traditional timelessness. This is what makes this part of the world unique and any contact with it, lifechanging. There are many options of touring Tibet and China. You can get the opportunity to taste a Family Friendly China.

But an innovative way of traveling is with Motorbike Tour China. This is a small company established by Western Europeans exactly to understand and cater for the adventure needs of foreigners coming to China or Tibet.

What this way of touring offers is very attractive: it is the chance to take part in a great adventure, in the freedom of the wilderness, with only the winding road before you, camp with the nomads in remote areas and sleep in tents. You will pass by mountains and lakes, rich valleys and traditional villages. But you can also be treated to the modern blessings of technology and decent lodgings in hotels along the road. And a car with supplies will always be nearby, assisting and keeping the journey safe.

The intercultural experience may be made easier on the Western traveler by the fact that the guides are international, coming from America, Germany, Belgium, France. The team, of course, is a beautiful mixture of locals and Occidentals. Booking in advance is, of course, an option, and this can easily be done online.

Everybody seems to agree on one aspect: these motorbike tours are both exciting and safe and make for an amazing escape! We’ll talk again soon about the wonders and beauty of Asia!