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Top Places For A Relaxing Holiday

Top Places For A Relaxing Holiday

If you say the words “relaxing holiday” to many people, they will think of nothing else but sun, sea and sand, but there are actually many more options to consider. For some it will mean a spa or hot tub, for others a luxury hotel where they are waited on no matter what time of day or night and for others it will mean the peace and quiet of the countryside. There are a great many interpretations so you just need to go with what suites you best.

If long-haul travel doesn’t bother you then you could give the Maldives a go. They have a great reputation as being one of the top spots for a relaxing holiday. The pace of life is very laid-back and the focus is on enjoyment, so many places will have a spa or hot tub for you to enjoy as well as beautiful sandy beaches and stunning blue sea. You’ll be able to sample some top class service to make you feel extremely pampered and it will certainly be a holiday to remember for many years to come.

If you don’t fancy going too far afield, then how about the Isles of Scilly? It’s rather like being stuck in a time warp. The pace of life is so laid-back that many shops and hotels won’t even accept credit cards and will only deal in cash, but don’t let that put you off because it’s beautiful beaches and charming way of life more than make up for it.

Not everyone wants to travel far, but would rather stay much closer to home. Try looking at some luxury hotels possibly in Yorkshire instead. There are many to choose from in the countryside surrounding York which would be able to provide the relaxation and pampering you are after. Many have on -site spas and hot tubs and can provide any number of relaxing treatments for you to try. So, just be brave and visit an area you have never thought of visiting before. You may find it is just the thing.

About The Author:

Dave writes on behalf of AquaWarehouse, a leading Essex based supplier of hot tubs and swim spas who is, in order to give something back to their clients, currently putting together a range of posts highlighting the top travel destinations where a hot tub can be enjoyed.



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