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Top Europe travel destinations for 2013 (part 5)

Top Europe travel destinations for 2013 (part 5)

We’re finishing off the week with more talk about top Europe travel destinations for 2013, because there are still a few to go through.


Saying that Croatia is a tourist hotspot is something more or less relegated to history, its popularity has been very firmly established amongst European travelers for a long time but it is increasing among Americans as well. The slight problem is that most travelers only see one tiny sunny slice part of the country, being lured by the almost 2000km-long coastline, but there is so much more to the country than its coastline. The inland cities have wonderful charm and the countryside in general is worth exploring, as well as its national parks. The capital, Zagreb, is a hip city with great pedestrian streets and a café scene that is part of its unofficial description. The Plitvice Lakes Natioanl Park is great for nature-lovers thanks to its ribbons of bright turquoise lakes and waterfalls set against the backdrop of karst cliffs and mossy travertine.

Those visiting the coast simply have to check out Dubrovnik, because you’ll actually be standing in King’s Landing, the capital city of Westeros in the popular Game of Throne television show.

Northern Ireland

Despite being wet and cold, for most parts of the year, the summer season of 2013 marks Northern Ireland as a great place to check out and explore, offering a combination of scenic, historic and great booze.

Derry/Londonderry is the only surviving walled city in the country and walking around its walls is a must-do for any visitor. In 2013 this will also be UK’s City of Culture, so it has been undergoing some serious refurbishment to prep for a year full of cultural event, including a new 235m pedestrian Peace Bridge designed to look like a handshake between the Protestant and the Catholic parts of the city.

Then there’s Belfast, where there are any number of things to be done, but let’s not forget the scenery which might look a bit familiar to Game of Thrones fans since it’s used throughout the show.