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Top Europe travel destinations for 2013 (part 5)

Top Europe travel destinations for 2013 (part 5)

Today we’ll be finishing our look at some of the top Europe travel destinations for 2013 and we’ll be heading to a slightly cold and slightly damp place in northern Europe.

Copenhagen – Denmarkcopenhagen

Whether you may or may not expect it, but Copenhagen is one of the ‘greenest’ places you can visit on the old continent.

Scandinavia’s coolest capital city is also one of the planet’s leaders in green building, sustainable food and bike sharing as well. Whilst New York is abuzz about their recently installed bike-share system, this is something of an old thing in Copenhagen; Europe is still first in many respects.

In Copenhagen, about half of the residents commute by bike, the city having had a free public bike-share system which ended recently, however a replacement system is on its way towards implementation.

Nordic cuisine is on the up and up as well, foodies will love to be at the center of the ‘it’ cuisine of 2013. The local gastronomy being characterized by seasonal and traditional foods prepared in simple yet innovative ways.

The bridge and tunnel connection to Malmo has revitalized the neighboring city and thus created a vibrant, bi-national, multicultural metropolis.

The summer season is the best time to visit for most European because this is the only time of year where it might not rain all the time, hopefully. This is also the best time because the place becomes jam-packed with festivals, with the Danes being huge lovers of jazz, this genre of music making up the city’s largest music event, the Copenhagen Jazz Festival which lasts for 10 days every July.

As a side-note, the modern art fan will want to check out the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in nearby Humelbaek. This is where you’ll find Picasso and Giacometti as well as an entire wing for kids.