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Today’s travel destination, Mallorca in 5 fun facts

Today’s travel destination, Mallorca in 5 fun facts

“The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain…” And thus inspiration stroke about today’s travel destination, Mallorca in 5 fun facts.

Mallorca is one of the greatest tourist destinations in Iberia, definitely worth mentioning on any travel book about Spain. All brochures will depict idyllic sunlit beaches with endless blue seas and relaxing chairs to lie in with a cocktail in your hand. But there are a few quick amusing facts you might not find there. Will they make you love the city more?

1. The national anthem of Mallorca – yes, an island is entitled to that – is called ‘La Balanguera’. Nothing weird so far, you’d say. Only that it comes from an ancient popular song sung by kids… about a spider.

2. Mallorca is famous for its beaches and indeed it welcomes 500.000 people just in Es Trenc beach. But did you know there is an amazing system of caves on the island as well? Giant stalactites and stalagmites can be observed in these rocky formations, the most amazing of which is Coves del Drach.

3. Cyclists are also happy to be in Mallorca. Over 35.000 of them come to the island each year for racing and professional training. They enjoy the difficult terrain and the amazing hair pin turns on the side of the mountain that towers over the island.

4. If you are wondering where to eat and drink in Mallorca, know that, as of 2015, there are over 3400 restaurants registered on the island.

5. And finally, did you know there is such thing as “olive tourism”? There must be, after all, since so many people enjoy the olive groves and mills that constitute part of the island’s economy. There are also museums and tourist spots dedicated to this activity.

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