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To dream of love in Verona

To dream of love in Verona

Whenever I am feeling sad, I close my eyes for a minute and remember a moment of extreme happiness. I always assimilate happiness with beauty and beauty with Italy. To dream of love in Verona is… simply lovely, at least for me.

If someone asks me of a dreamy place to travel, I’ll always choose Italy. I only spent a day in Verona, but  I’ve always regretted not staying long. Anyway, no biggie: I’ve already planned a new Italian trip and I’ll be sure to cover all the attractions. Here is the plan I’ve made:

1. Stop by the house of Juliet – yes, Shakespeare’s Juliet. And no, not the real Juliet – she’s a character in a play, remember? Anyway, the house itself was built in the 20th century, but that doesn’t stop thousands of couples of lovers from coming to see the statue of Juliet, the fake balcony and to write their name on the wall of the house. It’s worth stopping by, even if just out of curiosity.

2. Attend the summer Verona Opera Festival at the Arena di Verona, the Roman amphitheatre that towers over the center of town. It looks absolutely dramatic by night, all lit and beautiful. 3. Take awesome pictures at the Piazza dei Signori, with its monumental pieces of architecture, like the Loggia del Consiglio, which was built in the 15th century and the Government Palace.

4. Visit the amazing Castelvecchio, which I’ve always regretted not getting the chance to visit last time. Built in the 1300s by the Scaglieri, a prominent Veronese family, it remains one of the most emblematic spots in Verona.

5. Rent a car in Verona and drive to the quiet neighborhoods with old architecture and cobblestone streets. And maybe I’ll even stop by the boutiques downtown for a shopping spree.