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Tips for safer travel

Tips for safer travel

It’s a weird concept but you should be aware that you’re not really less safe while traveling, not more unsafe than you’d be in your home town most likely. Of course it depends to where and when you’re going, but in most places around the world that you might plan to visit, using the same common sense that you use at home will works great, but here are some tips for safer travel anyway.

backpackerLook back (but not in anger)

You should get in the habit of looking back when you leave somewhere. Traveling in general, especially when seeing a new place, can be very distracting and you’ll more likely be carrying more things than when you are in your home-town. So make it a habit to look back at a table or bench when leaving a place so that you don’t forget a jacket or journal.

Separate your sources of money

This is one tip that imply not doing things as you would at home. At home you’ll keep all of your bank cards in your wallet or purse, but when you’re travelling make sure to keep at least one of them in a different place and ideally not on your person. If you lose all your cards somewhere it will be very hard to get new ones, so it’s good to have a back-up source of money somewhere.

Do not keep your wallet in your back pocket

Pickpockets are something that you’ll find everywhere, so this tip is more of a common sense one. Don’t carry your wallet in your back pocket, preferably in a front pocket, one that can be buttoned up in some fashion. Much better would be to use the inside pocket of your jacket. There are some options for a variety of ‘money belt’ that will either hang inside your shirt or wrap around your waist, under your shirt and whatnot.