The secret attractions of Portugal – Part 2

The secret attractions of Portugal are plentiful and beautiful. There are just so many spots totally off the beaten track to explore that you really need to book a Lisbon tour and get to see not only the capital city with all its known and unknown wonders, but also a lot of the places outside it, around the country, because there are very many hidden gems that only a seasoned traveler can really grasp and appreciate to the full.

If you love the ocean and surfing, Nazare is the place for you. Some of the largest waves in this whole wide world have been known to appear here and year after year, people come here to chase these waves. Nazare is also a lovely fishing village with a totally special air, so you will love every moment spent there.

Comporta is another beautiful destination and it lies only about half an hour away from the capital city of the country. It is a quiet and cute village that encompasses a lot of the atmosphere that makes Portugal amazing and authentic.

There are ossuaries all around the world and Portugal has an amazing one in Faro. it is named Capela de Ossos and the name says it all: it is a chapel made of human bones, a reminder of death and celebration of life as well. The chapel is made from the bones of 1245 monks that had been buried on the premises the old church in the 19th century.

If you want to plan an amazing wedding, go to Obidos! It is romantic, beautiful and quiet, a small town with mesmerizing cobblestone winding streets and quaint little shops. You can spend a few amazing days here, unforgettable and sweet together with your better half.

Portugal has hundreds of such hidden wonderful destinations and you should chase them all!