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Sultanahmet Hotel – Istanbul, Turkey

Sultanahmet Hotel – Istanbul, Turkey

Those of you planning a trip to Istanbul will surely be looking for a nice play to stay, ideally a premium hotel which is located close-by to many tourist attractions, a place like the Sultanahmet Hotel – or Premist Hotel – for instance.

Well the Premist Hotel is ideally located in the centre of the historical peninsula being almost next to the city walls of Topkapi Palace and only a quick walk away from the entrage gate of the palace and the Hagia Sophia.

The Sultanahmet Square and the Hippodrome are less than ten minutes away on foot as well.

In case you’re planning to stay 3 more night at the hotel then you’ll be glad to know that you don’t have to worry about transportation from Ataturk Airport, because the hotel will arrange for you to get from the airport to the hotel free of charge.

In case you’re planning an even longer stay, say seven nights, well then you’ll only be paying for six if you book a Deluxe or Standard Room. And since we mentioned booking, those who pay cash upon arrival will be receiving a ten percent cash payment discount, which is not something you see every day, especially when you consider that you can pay in GBP, Euro, US Dollar and Turkish Lira.

The entire hotel is designed to harken back to the Ottoman lifestyle of old, the rooms featuring baths made of special Turkish mazarines, with some rooms having pearl marquetry implied on all the furniture.

The Sultanahmet Hotel also offers all-you-can-eat breakfasts, and this means that you can have any sort of breakfast from anywhere around the world, prevared the way you desire and served with coffee, tea or freash fruit juice as you wish. Cofee and tea is offered in the hotel garden for the entire day.

Of course while the hotel harkens back to older times in its design, there’s nothing old about its amenities of features, the hotel offering free internet and iPad Acces as well as daily newspapers in the rooms and common areas.