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A Stonehenge Day Trip

A Stonehenge Day Trip

Everyone can recognize the massive rock slabs of the Stonehenge circle, perhaps the most famous Neolithic monument in the entire world. This prehistoric monument is located in the village of Wiltshire, England, around ninety miles from the city of London. These stones were part of an ancient site used by its inhabitants as part of religious ceremonies and festivals, with special burial sites located nearby. Stonehenge is probably just under four thousand years old, meaning that is was built around 2300 B.C.E. and perhaps earlier.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the world travel to Stonehenge to learn about the latest archaeological and historical theories and appreciate the effort and spirituality that went into building the site. The enormous stone slabs that make up Stonehenge itself are just part of this impressive site, so significant for English and world heritage.

A Stonehenge day trip based out of London or another city is the best option for most travelers, unless you are renting a car for a more leisurely trip around England. Most organized day tours are launched out of central London and leave from easy-to-find sites around the city. These services are offered by a large number of companies, some of which offer tours almost daily throughout the tourist season while others operate on only a few select days, but which may have a lower cost.

Day trips out of London take about two hours and are much more convenient than traveling to the site on your own. Additionally, given the cost of car rental and fuel, a day trip to Stonehenge is certainly cheaper and more cost effective. Often these day trips to Stonehenge are combined with other day tours out of London, such as bus and coach trips to Windsor Castle and the city of Bath. Be sure to do some research and choose the best deal for you.

Aside from the convenient transportation, a great benefit of taking an organized Stonehenge day trip is having a guide to lead your small tour group. If you prefer to plan your own individual or family day trip, you can of course purchase guide books or other means of learning about the site. Most group tours carried out as day trips from the city last about two hours.

Stonehenge is open all-year round, but spring and autumn are probably the best seasons for a Stonehenge day trip. The site will be less crowded than in the summer months and the weather will still be comfortable enough for your visit.

The only days on which Stonehenge is absolutely closed are Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. However, other holidays (including the solstices) may mean restricted visiting hours, so be sure to check ahead. Tickets for Stonehenge day trips should be booked well in advance to ensure your place. All entrance tickets for the site must be purchased in advance, so booking a day trip is a good way to guarantee both your transportation and your ticket without hassle.

Another benefit of a Stonehenge day trip is special pricing deals available for booking ahead or for booking groups tours with your friends and family. However you organize your day trip, you will be treated to a fascinating example of prehistoric culture.