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Someplace warm: Ayia Napa

Someplace warm: Ayia Napa

We promised you wouldn’t feel the cold this winter (at least, not all the time). Because every time the cold and dark atmosphere outside becomes too much, you can join us on a tour someplace warm: Ayia Napa in the sunny littoral country of Cyprus is today’s stop.

Granted, January still means winter in Cyprus, even though we regard it as a warm country. But the notion of winter at 15-20 degrees Celsius is still a great change from the Northern winters, with temperatures dropping dozens of degrees below freezing. So although summer is the greatest time to be there, traveling to Cyprus now would still not be such a bad idea!

Ayia Napa (or Agia Napa, translated as “the Holy Wooded Valley”) is a quiet and beautiful resort in Cyprus. The history of the city is entwined with myth, as an old icon of the Virgin Mary was found here. There is a monastery built around a cave in honor of the Virgin Mary of Ayia Napa. The locals will surely tell you more details about their proud legends and history.

In summer (but also during low season), people come to Ayia Napa to bathe in the Mediterranean Sea and to sunbathe on the beaches. There is also a wide variety of water spots you can practice, from swimming to windsurfing, canoeing, water-skiing, boating and scuba diving.

Shopping is also something that attracts lots of visitors interested in handicrafts, souvenirs and local products. The most transited shopping spot is in Nissi Avenue and on the Avenue of Archiepiskopou Makariou.

Ayia Napa also broke a world record on September 16th 2007, when they danced Syrtaki in the world’s longest chain: 268 members.

To get around town, you can rent a car in Cyprus or book a Cyprus airport transfer. Enjoy your stay!