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Some hiking trails without the high altitude

Some hiking trails without the high altitude

Altitude sickness is a real thing and everybody can suffer from it, it just depends on the distance you’re putting between yourself and sea level, how used you are to doing this, and whether or not you spend time acclimating to a new altitude. So today we’ll look at some hiking trails that don’t involve going above the altitude in which altitude sickness usually kicks in.

The Grand Canyon – USA

We’re starting big, very big, trekking rim to rim and back again is a multi-day trek that can take you along different trails. While you descend into the depths of this wonder of nature you get a close-up look at the very striking rainbows of stone filling the strata and the meandering Colorado River – the architect of this beauty – beckons all those who approach it. You’ll be passing the Ribbon Falls and once you reach the bottom you’ll be ready for the way up.

GR20, Corsica – France

The GR20 twists and turns across 168km of craggy, rugged and enchanting terrain, running from the north to the south of France’s Mediterranean island. The GR20 is considered to be among the most challenging long-distance trails in Europe and considering its length, the whole thing isn’t for beginners or softies. The trail can be approached from either direction but usually people start from the north – which is the more alpine section – toughest section in order to have the maximum amount of energy to deal with it.

You can tackle the trail year-round, but the catered huts you’ll find are only staffed June through September, and during the winter you’ll require technical gear like crampons and ice-axes.

The Milford Track – New Zealand

For our last hiking trail for today we’ll change continents and hemispheres and head to New Zealand. This 54 kilometer path is made up of ice-carved valleys, pristine and cold lakes, birch trees and the verdant forests of the Fiordland National Park. This is considered to be one of the finest paths in the world.


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