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Renting a motorcycle in Thailand

Renting a motorcycle in Thailand

Exotic vacations have a unique appeal these days and it is instrumental to know that you don’t have to give up virtually any of the commodities of home. Renting a motorcycle in Thailand is an option that only takes a moment’s research, for instance. Here’s how it works!

Kim, my friend, was in Thailand for a week’s getaway from the mundane boring reality of home. She initially looked into the car rental option, but since the traffic is relatively heavy in these tourist hubs plus she also wanted to have a bit of freedom to feel the wind on her face and the warmth of the sun, she finally opted for Chiang Mai Scooter Rental.

And, as she would later tell me, this turned out to be the best choice she could have made. This company is really a family business, with warm and helpful people eager to both help you with the vehicle rental and with info on the best places to visit and things to do in town. The bikes they offer (both motorcycles and scooters) are all in excellent condition and the prices are affordable.

Plus the scooter came with an anti-theft device, a first-aid kit, quality helmet and full tank of petrol on pick up.

All in all, on her new rented scooter, Kim could travel across town fast and swiftly, with not a worry, and she ended up making great friends of the staff at the Chiang Mai Scooter Rental company.

At the end of the rental, they even collected the scooter from the hotel where Kim was staying, since she was in a bit of a hurry going back to the airport, reluctantly ready to make her way back to the real world, but with the promise of returning to Thailand no later than the following year!



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