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Need a lift in Cincinnati?

Need a lift in Cincinnati?

When we say America, we usually think of the great cities of New York, Chicago or Washington DC. They are part of the American liberated spirit and heralds of today’s capitalist world. But if you are coming from Europe, for instance, and you want to reminisce about the veneer and romanticism of the Old Continent, we suggest you visit one of the greatest cities in the State of Ohio: Cincinnati. Need a lift in Cincinnati? Easy!

One of the first established cities after the American War of Independence, Cincinnati displays an all-American atmosphere, combining turn-of-the-century architecture with the vibe of major sports events, concerts and vernissages. It is also the home of the Ohio Medical School, founded in 1819. Popular culture and high class mix in a purely American fashion and make up the diverse landscape of Cincinnati.

To get around this eclectic urban universe, you do need to consider a reliable means of transportation, especially if you are used to certain standards of excellence. Travelling in a “royal” style in Cincinnati is made possible by specialised companies, such as Royal Cab, who has a fleet of Premium class vehicles ranging from royal Sedan to Limo Busses. Whether you are traveling by yourself, for a business meeting or to a stylish event, or gathering all your friends to your high-class party, there is a suitable car patiently waiting for you.

Available 24 hours a day, Royal Cab provides not only local services, but also long distance journeys. So whatever your destination is, you can always count on this reliable company. For those of you traveling by plane and landing at the Cincinnati Airport, the option of Cincinnati airport taxi also remains your best transport solution straight to your location of choice.

So what have we learned today? First lesson: come to Cincinnati! Second lesson: book your accommodation, plane tickets and local transportation some time in advance, to benefit from exceptional services at convenient costs.