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Marmaris holiday adventure

Marmaris holiday adventure

Picture this: the sun has just begun to rise timidly from the blue line that borders the endless shimmering silver seas; the gentle sway of the wooden floor of the boat and the scent of morning. Yes, you can be… on Earth and experience all this beauty. This is a Marmaris holiday adventure.

For those for whom “Marmaris” doesn’t really ring a bell, this is the name of a Turkish port town and outstanding resort by the coast of the Mediterranean. Set in a breathtaking landscape between the mountains and the blue sea, Marmaris expanded from an old fishermen village into an extravagant holiday resort on the Turkish Riviera.

Among the activities you can enjoy here, hiking in the mountains above the coast is definitely not the least. Excursions in Marmaris entail walking through the pine forests, you will pass by small villages with shallow lakes and fast cascades. All throughout, you will enjoy the company of small animals and the song of birds.

Of course, other activities are what you would call “traditional” on the island, and they include lots of sun and fun and water. Marmaris Boat Trips are the most popular of them. This can be a real adventure: the crew on-board the ship is very friendly and fun to be around, people bond and make friends very easily in such a context and you get to enjoy the most beautiful sights along the coast of the Marmaris coastline.

Other activities include watching the beautiful dolphins having the fun of their lives in the sunny waters of the Mediterranean, enjoying a horse safari around the forests or the beaches or scuba diving. And the most relaxing activity of all just might be a Turkish Bath.

Marmaris just might be the ultimate getaway for the next trip you follow, so it must definitely make your list!