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Malaga, a fun place to be

Malaga, a fun place to be

It’s been sunny today, so there’s no wonder my mind wandered to the most outlandish realms, traveling to happy places, entrapped by the same wanderlust that grips me every spring. Wanna know where I went today? To Malaga, a fun place to be!

Let me tell you a couple of things about this beautiful Spanish city:

Malaga might not be the biggest or the most renowned city in Spain, but it is unique in Europe: it’s the southernmost important city on the continent.

Do you know what name the city bore before Malaga? Malaka! I know, it’s not that spectacular, but what’s amazing is that the Phoenicians called it that in the 8th century BC! In fact, the region has been inhabited for 5 millennia and in the town center of Malaga, you can visit the ancient relics of the ancient Roman and before that, Phoenician, rule, as well as the Muslim conquest and the subsequent Christian “Reconquista”.

And if you thought there are older cities in Europe – and you’re right – it’s definitely one of the oldest ports, functioning busily since the 7th century BC.

Malaga is not only a prominent littoral destination, boasting with the most beautiful beaches with fine sand and ever shining sun, but also an exclusive rendezvous spot. Actually Marbella Club is the most posh European meeting point, welcoming aristocrats, magnates and movie stars.

The English Cemetery in Malaga dates back to the 19th century and, weird as it might sound, is a popular tourist destination, offering a (pretty creepy) glimpse into the past with its romantic decorations on the gravestones.

Pablo Picasso, the genius cubist painter, is the most illustrious son of Malaga. Recently, a museum dedicated to the artist was opened.

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