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Make sure not to miss in Casablanca

Make sure not to miss in Casablanca

No, we are not going to talk about old Hollywood movies today, but rather about the real place, the amazingly culturally diverse city in Morocco and about the things you should make sure not to miss in Casablanca.

Set in today’s Muslim Morocco, Casablanca has been nevertheless massively influenced by the European influence, particularly the during French age of the city. Casablanca offers a wide and diverse selection of tourist attractions to explore in this fascinating place.

If you want to get a sense of the life of Casablanca, Medina, the Old Town, is the first stop you should make. As you enter through the clock-tower gates, Medina opens a universe of narrow winding streets circled by a wall. It is not very large and you simply can’t miss the souqs and the street markets.

Once here, the Pottery Souk is what you should look for, as well as the National Ceramic Museum. In the market, there are lots of local products, handicrafts and foods to purchase.

The symbol of town in northern Medina is the Hassan II Mosque, the second largest Islamic place of worship in the world. It was finished in 1993 and, with its imposing frame, 2 ha size and 200 meter minaret, it towers over the whole city.

If you want to take a walk, the Place Mohamed V is the main plaza in the city. This favorite promenade features a fountain and a beautiful garden. This is the site where you can find most of the institutions in town: the post office, the Palace of Justice, the Bank of Morocco, the Prefecture and the French Consulate.

Casablanca is a seaside destination as well. The port of Safi was built by the Romans and improved by the Portuguese who occupied the town in 1508 and built the Dar el Bahar Fortress.

To enjoy all the city has to offer, you can rent a car in Casablanca.