Luxembourg City trip

Luxembourg City trip

The country of Luxembourg or better yet, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is located at the border between France, Belgium and Germany, it is a very tiny country, and the only Grand Duchy in the world.

Considering its location it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the place abounds both in natural beauty as well as wealth, and it actually looks like something from a fairy-tale to be completely honest.

The capital is of course Luxembourg city, with most of the entire country’s 469,000 population being mostly rural.

Despite its diminutive size, the place is extremely diverse, as you’d expect considering the history it had and the area of Europe that it occupies, and it’s diverse from many points of view.

Geographically speaking it’s where you see the Ardennes merging with ancient forests, and valleys dotted with quaint settlements.

As far as the capital goes, it is located on a cliff which overlooks narrow and deep valleys of two rivers, so the location itself is stunning, and the city doesn’t disappoint either with part of its old fortifications still being up, and of course Grand Ducal Palace that is almost set flush with the urban setting.

The fortifications that Luxembourg had at one time were some of the toughest in Europe and tearing them down was actually a condition that the Great Powers imposed on the city in the 19th century in order to recognize the country’s independence.

The Grand Ducal palace on the other hand isn’t exactly what one might think of when thinking “palace”, it is not set back from the street, and aside from a few clues, such as its size, the presence of guards and the national flag, you may very well mistake it for something else.

There are obviously many other things that you can see and do while in Luxembourg, don’t let the size turn you away.


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