Kerala – The Land of Diversity, Exotic Ambience And Nature’s Paradise!

Kerala – The Land of Diversity, Exotic Ambience And Nature’s Paradise!

Kerala, the state named as ‘God’s Own Country’ is one such place where one would be mesmerized by the green lush gardens, vegetations, waterfalls and wildlife. You would certainly be lost in the tortuous network of lagoons, rivers and canals. The Western Ghats considered to be one of the most attractive destinations in India is bejeweled with beautiful beaches around the coastal line of the exquisite Arabian Sea. One would be astonished by the sight of the compelling paddy fields and coconut grooves while cruising in the 44 water bodies present in the state.

The Kerala Backwaters

Nature has provided for a major part of Kerala to be supplied with adequate fresh water through the backwaters. If one desires to catch a glimpse of this astoundingly beautiful natural beauty, he can simply take a trip on a cruise on a houseboat which will allow him to travel around the 900 km long waterway combined with lagoons, canals and lakes. Unique aspect of life in Kerala is the huge rice barges, that are kept united with the help of coir knots. A great place to try authentic Kerala cuisine is right there in the heart of fishing villages where you can savor the fresh catch of the day in natural surroundings.

People of Kerala

The people residing in Kerala are known to be quite simple and also exhibit an ideal blend of modern and traditional mannerisms. The culture of this state is primarily influenced by the religious doctrines of Islam, Hinduism and Christianity. The language of the region is Malayalam. The famous harvest festival widely celebrated in and around the state is Onam. Onam is considered to be auspicious by the farmers and harvesters of the region, and this festival also marks the homecoming of King Mahabali.


The special attraction in the region for the visitors is the Vallam Kali also regarded as the ‘Snake Boat race’. During this race, approximately 150 men clad in turbans and white dhotis exhibit amazing squad spirit by paddling their warrior canoes. Another similar attraction in Kerala is the cattle races in which cattle’s compete in paddy fields. It is believed that the cattle races have been a tradition by the locales for over 200 years and is celebrated every year. To commemorate the Snake Boat Kerala-Thrissur Pooram-Temple festival thousands of devotees from around the world gather to catch a glimpse of the caparisoned elephants marching forward with their colorful parasols. The deities of the Vadakkumnathan temple also accompany the forwarding elephants.

Ayurveda and Biodiversity

One of the oldest forms of healing the human soul, mind and body which also originated from Kerala is the ‘Ayurveda’. This system is nearly 5000 years old, known for rejuvenating the body and mind. One will certainly enjoy the herbal massage, aroma therapy and panchkarma sessions included in this system. People across the globe come to Kerala for Ayurvedic Treatments.

If one is a nature lover then they ought to visit “God’s Own Country” or Kerala. The evergreen and tropical forests of the state posses rich bio-diversity which is also home to innumerous animal and bird species. Some of the commonly spotted animals in the region include: Grizzled Giant squirrel, Asian Elephant, Nilgiri Tahr, King Cobra, Lion Tailed macaque and many more.

Famous Art Forms

The state of Kerala is also the home to the oldest and one of the most prestigious art forms of India, Kathakali. It’s a typical classical dance-form which exhibits a symphony of drama, Mudras (expressions), and myriad musical instruments- Maddalam and Chenda. The 2000 year-old art form known as Kutiyattam is commonly visible in the Hindu temples of the region.

One ancient dance form famous and widely performed in the Northern Malabar Region is ‘Theyyam’ also known as ‘God’s Dance’. It is a ritual and specifically tribal specific form of worship. During the performance folk artists clad in colorful attires represent various ancient deities and mythological characters.

One of the most prestigious art forms of the state is the Kalaripayattu, which is generally regarded as the ‘mother of martial arts’. It is believed that the form dates back to 3000 years ago, and one will certainly relish the flexibility and agility that the performers display.

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