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Indonesian trip

Indonesian trip

In recent years, the Indonesian trip has been placed on the list of exotic destinations. The country is a true wonder and definitely deserves careful attention for its landscape, culture and unique features.

Indonesia is an extremely varied world set in the idyllic landscape of an archipelago made up of thousands of tiny islands between Asia and Australia, in Oceania. Hunter-gatherers and sophisticated businessmen convive here, the two worlds, the rural, picturesque Indonesia and the Jakartan urban elite, being apart, but equally fascinating.

Asian and European influences met at this cultural cross-roads around the turn of the (last) century, when the Dutch came and united the islands into what is the Republic of Indonesia today.

Nowadays, much of the country’s income is brought by tourist, the country being an immensely popular exotic attraction with its whitewashed beaches and crystal-clear waters.

Java Island and Bali are two of the best places to be in Indonesia. Java is the most populous island in the world. It is also among the most popular tourist destinations in the eyes of the Europeans and not only. The island is volcanic – the most active volcano today is Mount Merapi. Naturally, the soil is very fertile and the tropical rainforest is ever green and incredibly beautiful.

The absolute first destination of choice in Indonesia is Bali. With a mostly Hindu population, the island is known as “the Island of a Thousand Puras”, traditional Balinese temples, pagoda-like open-air places of worship with intricately decorated gates. Bali is home to Asian culture, developing modern and traditional music and dances, metalwork, sculpture and paintings. Artifacts can be brought in traditional markets – as well as corals, since Bali is part of the Coral Triangle, an extremely biodiverse sea area.

The rest is up to you to discover. All we can say is: it’s never too early to start planning your Indonesian trip!