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Holidaying with your best friend in Pembrokeshire

Holidaying with your best friend in Pembrokeshire

One of the best experiences you can think of is holidaying with your best friend in Pembrokeshire. Non-animal lovers might not understand this, but for some of us, our favorite pet is our best friend and having to leave our dog at home is heart-shattering.

I’d wanted to take Ada (my dog) on holiday with me for so long, but as you might imagine, traveling with a pet is not as easy as that, so I always ended up leaving her with friends and even with a shelter one year. But getting away from the madding crowd was just something we wanted to share with Ada. So it had been settled months before: Ada was coming with us.

Now the odyssey began: finding a dog friendly holiday cottage – since we wanted to go someplace outdoors, where Ada could run free and we could take long strolls and get some air.

While browsing our friend, the Internet, we came across Fron Fawr, an ensemble of five cosy holiday cottages featuring self-catering and exceptional, modern conditions, as well as accessibility for dogs! We took a two-room cottage; it was simply perfect from us. We enjoyed the space, the cable TV and DVD, since we love movies before bed, the outdoors space with our own garden and altogether, the house had a sense of home.

The cottages are located in Pembrokeshie, just along the North coast all the way through to Cardigan Bay. It was our first time in Wales, but I have a feeling it won’t be our last. The place is an escape from time and from reality.

Ada absolutely loved it! Apart from being with “Mum and Dad”, she also got to run through the fields and explore the woods (though big sissy that she is, she did walk rather cautiously between us, like a huge furry canine baby).

We’re planning another dog-friendly family holiday for this year. Maybe we can meet there!