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Granada trip

Granada trip

Going on a Granada trip will most likely give you a bit of an edge over visiting other Andalucian cities, a very youthful edge. The thing is that usually people get lost in the allure of the Alhambra or in the magnificent woody backdrops of the Sierra Nevada. But if you spend a bit more time in Granada you’ll find it to be much more of a great destination for those interesting in exploring the culture of the people, tapas bars, and venues for flamenco alongside thumbing clubs.

Culture can be experienced in about every aspect of life in Granada; the food for instance is much more heavily influenced by the North of Africa than in other places in the region, with the Islamic past being quite current here with kebab and cake shops alongside tea gardens.

One local custom in Granada is to offer tapas for free with each drink, and this may seem like something of an urban myth to some, especially those unfamiliar with the local culture, but it is indeed true. The great thing is that the drinks are not overpriced either, so you’ll get your drink and a snack while you’re out, this can keep things very in-budget for a lot of shoestring travelers.

Granada has a very music and dancing-centric culture as well, with flamenco music and dancing usually taking the main stage, but there are several festivals and clubs that cater to other musical tastes. For instance the Dragon Fest is a free techno/dance festival that usually takes place in spring. Then there’s the Rocket Festival – which takes place in the mountains outside the city, and the Fiesta de Durcal which is a town just a bit outside of Granada – this fiesta is kicked off with a bullfight.

These are of course only a couple of the things that you can do while in Granada, we also didn’t talk about the more well-known traditional sights but that was the idea, you can visit these and many more with the help of our Granada car hire services, not to mention the fact that we also offer Granada Airport car hire services as well.



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