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Get a better idea of a destination with Nudge

Get a better idea of a destination with Nudge

We do our best to talk about various holiday options from all around the world, but even the best worded description of a place or activity can be easily outdone by a single image of said place or activity, after all there is that saying that a picture is worth a thousand words.

This is where an app such as Nudge can help tremendously, because it has a focus exclusively on sharing images of place, activities and such.

nudgelogoOf course actually reading about a place will still offer a much more detailed and nuanced view of what to expect from a potential vacationing spot, but there’s something to be said about the realism that a couple of images can bring to that equation.

Let’s say for instance that you’re interested in visiting a sunny and warm place, somewhere with a coastline but not necessarily an island. You’ve heard about the southern region of Portugal being a great place for such features, as well as it being affordable and having a great regional culture and gastronomy. You do a bit of reading on the subject and find out that this place is called the Algarve and that it blends many cultural influences into one single experience, where you can find all manner of beaches, from the family-oriented ones to remote ones as well as great views, ancient ruins and wonderfully aromatic dishes.

All of these are great and can create all sorts of images in your mind’s eye but the message can be received and explored in so much greater detail with the help of images from that particular region. People will like to see what they should expect and that works great because the same people will also share their experiences in both words and pictures, so all one has to do is just do a bit of a search and look into what they can experience if they go to a certain place in the world.



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