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Florence trip

Florence trip

The city of Florence never ceases to impress its visitors, from its wonderful pieces of art and architecture to the ease with which its inhabitants simply seem to enjoy life, it makes one think sometimes that not much has changed since the days of the Medici.

However that is not the case since many things have indeed changed, the city itself actually. The city was the capital of Italy for a short while in the middle of the 19th century and that meant that lots of things had to change, avenues were rearranged, buildings were teared down and others rebuilt, whole quarters disappeared while others reappeared.

All of that construction and reconstruction set the stage for the modern capital of Tuscany, a modern capital which encircles old Florence in a cacophony of traffic and chaos.

What was the focal and starting point of the Renaissance still retains a lot of what it was back then, a busy business, because without money, none of the art nor the inventions that came out of the Renaissance could have happened.

The history of Florence is quite interesting because it wasn’t always as much an important point on the map as it was during the Renaissance, actually even towards the end of that period of time its importance started to wane, however it was rekindled in the late 18th century and ever since the numbers of admiring travelers and visitors have only increased.

The Medici family was crucial to the development of the city, having commanded its fortunes for centuries. Their memory still lives on in the city with their family crest still adorning many public buildings because without the support of the Medici family – but from others as well – the many artists that came from here may not have left such an important mark upon the history of civilization as they have.