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Figueira da Foz, an underrated Portuguese destination

Figueira da Foz, an underrated Portuguese destination

Today we take another trip to a place we love, central Portugal, and we take a minute to talk about Figueira da Foz, an underrated Portuguese destination.

Belonging to the Coimbra district, Figueira da Foz lies bordered by the waters of the Montegordo River and the Serra da Boa Viagem hills.

The city, the largest in the Coimbra District, attracts tourists for two main reasons: for being a seaside resort, famous for its seaport facilities and sandy beaches, and for being an area of legal gambling, hosting some of the largest casinos in the Iberian Peninsula. Casino Figueira is a name among those who stop by such venues.

But Figueira da Foz is not just about the gambling. It boasts with a rich history, apparently centered around one primordial fig tree the fishermen used to tie their boats to. Today, Figueira is much more than a fishing village.

The best spots to visit here are the in the central old town, with its narrow colorful streets, and the Mercado Municipal, the best place to purchase local produce in the form of fresh food, fish, clothes, lace, embroidery and handicrafts.

As was to be expected, there are lots of hotels in Figueira, ranging from the relatively affordable ones up to luxury lodgings, villas and golf can also be practiced in town – this is the case with the entire Portugal, a famous golfing destination. By the way, for this you can get some Golf Transfers by booking online, because the transport to and from the golf course can be tricky.

The Mediterranean climate, with mild somewhat rainy winters and warm summers, is another attraction of the city and its surroundings and the landscapes and economy, as well as the real estate boom, have turned Figueira da Foz into a destination to be taken into consideration if you want to move to a warm place of at least visit one (in which case you can also rent a car in Figueira da Foz for accessible prices).