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February in Marseilles, France

February in Marseilles, France

A rich port by the Mediterranean Sea, a place of multiple influences and colorful displays, Marseilles is one of the most popular travel destinations in France.

The day of all lovers is approaching, so if you want to spend a romantic February in Marseilles, France, here is a list of place to see and things to do.

Exposud is an excellent business meeting place that lasts for 3 days, from 7th to 9th of February in Parc Chanot Marseilles.

Do you like pancakes? If so, this 2nd of February you are invited to Marseilles at the Abbaye de St Victor on 3 rue Abbaye, 7e, to attend the Fete de la Chandeleur or jour des crepes (which can be translated by pancakes day). This celebration is supposed to usher spring – if the pancake is flipped correctly! Food and drink are in store.

How about chocolate, if we are to keep the conversation at this sweet level? At the end of the month, between 27th of February and the 1st of March, you are welcome to attend the Salon Du Chocolat in Parc Chanot. The best chocolatiers will compete to get the public’s attention and enchant them with the most exquisite flavours of chocolate. Chocolate bars, bonbons and hot chocolate will be exhibited for an unprecedented international event for all those who have a really sweet tooth.

And remember what we were talking about in the first paragraph? Yes, on February 14th, lots of romantic lovers will want to join hands and share a kiss on Valentine’s Day. And what better place than the romantic city of Marseilles? With its winding streets with old buildings and candlelit restaurants, it is the perfect place to take your better half.

And once you are there, if you need transport around town, you can book a Marseilles airport transfer online and enjoy an excellent service.