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Destinations of myth and legend

Destinations of myth and legend

Modern air travel has made the entire planet our playground, and while we can get from one side to the other of the planet in less than a day, there are still places that maintain a shroud of myth and legend around them, even when they become so available. So let’s take a look at a few of these places which even though you can relatively easily reach now, have not lost any of their mythical allure.

Tanzania – Zanzibar

This very interestingly named island conjures images of carved wooden doors and spice-filled rooms, and that’s not far from the mark. The island became a powerful city-state in the middle ages via trade with slaves, gold, ivory and wood to the Arabic world and beyond. At a certain point the Sultan of Oman moved his court here – with 100 concubines and eunuchs in tow – and he started the island’s famous cove plantations. He may be gone for many centuries now, but the Arabic influence and the smell of sweet spice still lingers over the island.

Colombia – El Dorado

The legendary City of Gold can be found behind vine-draped trees deep in the jungle of the Amazon, a quite mythical and exotic location in and of itself. That is the legend however, which was believed by the Spanish conquistadors who got here in the 1500s. This fabled city hasn’t been found, it is not known if it actually ever existed or if it was just a legend, but visiting the country and the region will give you an inkling that it might just be possible.

Egypt – Valley of the Kings

Even though a large part of the mystery related to the Pyramids and the pharaohs has been dispelled through scientific research in the past century or so, this has done very little to demystify them or the Valley of the Kings as a mythical destination. Visiting the tombs of the many ancient Egyptians buried here is still a very interesting and eye-opening experience.

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