Destinations for the month of March (part 1)

Destinations for the month of March (part 1)

Spring isn’t here yet, but the month of March isn’t that far off so we thought it’s time to start looking at some of the places that you might want to travel to during the first month of spring.

Wadi Rum – Jordan

The deep red sands and massive rock formations coupled with the pervading silence can make the region of Wadi Rum look and feel more like a landscape from Mars, except for the present of breathable air obviously.

You might have to pull yourself away from the mesmerizing landscape in order to explore more of this immense valley and go deep into its heart to find the prehistoric carvings, the rock bridges and to scale sandstone walls. Heading there in March is advisable because the weather doesn’t get too hot, so you can get a lot of things done during the day.

Keep in mind though that during the night the temperature drops dramatically, so even the most hardy of visitors should make sure to spend their nights in Bedouin camps. This would be a good idea anyway in order to get a better sense of the culture of these tribes.

Amsterdam – The Netherlands

The country is known as the Land of Flowers and as the capital of this ‘Land’ there are fewer better places to watch the coming of spring than Amsterdam.

This is when the weather turns less-rainy for a few months so the Dutch take advantage and kick off their festival season as the flowers start to bloom, and they add in some open-air markets because the temperatures are less chilly.

You need to visit Keukenhof – the world’s largest bulb-flower garden – which is a forty minute bus ride from the city.

The month of March in Amsterdam features a five day festival called 5 Days Off and is one of the best in electronic music and media art.

Consider some worldwide car rental services when visiting either of these destinations for the month of March.