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Cuba – what took you so long?

Cuba – what took you so long?

To take a trip to Cuba is to get the impression you and the rest of the world have been played for a bit of a sucker. Why? Well, quite simply because while there are so many nations that look on Cuba as something of an underdog, it doesn’t take long before you realize it is in many ways all part of the act and that things on the island itself are not even remotely as you expect them today. One famed description of Cuba labels the island a ‘prince in poor man’s clothing’ which to be frank hits the nail on the head like nothing else.

And you get the idea that Cuba knows what it has and celebrates it from the moment you step off the plane. You’re greeted with the slogan ‘Abandon preconceptions, all ye who enter here’, which may as well read ‘Just wait until you see how wrong you’ve been about Cuba all along!’ It’s the warmth of the locals that will first captivate you, which soon gives way to the tangible buzz in the air you can neither describe nor ignore. And this is all before you even get close to the pristine beaches and the decks of your super yacht, which will of course be your base for the Caribbean adventure of a lifetime.

Havana represents the heart and soul of Cuba and is every bit a cultural treasure chest in its own right. Boasting uniquely glorious architecture and a cosmopolitan vibe you probably won’t have expected, it’s where you get to see the Cuban way of life played out before your eyes. And what’s more, it’s also the best place on the island to indulge in luxurious shopping opportunities.

Head toward the coastal resorts and things start to look and feel a little more like what you’ve seen in the brochures…paradise redefined. Cuban rhythms carry you along with your feet barely touching the ground, while the intoxicating smells in the air will have you feasting on local delicacies regardless of whether or not you’re hungry. You notice the underlying shabby-chic feel to everything you come across, which represents the key element of the delightful Cuban deception. An underdog it may portray itself as, but you’ll soon learn this is all a deliberate ploy to hang onto the unmistakable charm and glory that is the Cuba you’ll fall in love with. 



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