Choosing a Caribbean island for your holiday (part 1)

Choosing a Caribbean island for your holiday (part 1)

Choosing a Caribbean island getaway might be a bit harder than you’d think, especially when you become aware of the insane number of great islands in the archipelago. Actually you might’ve heard of many of them without actually realizing that they are all in the same geographical neighborhood.

For example, Jamaica has very little in common with Aruba, and even when it comes to islands that are in plain sight of each other like St Kitts and Nevis, are quite different one from the other, not just in appearance but also in what they can offer their visitors.

So let’s just say that you’re totally sure about visiting the Caribbean, but not sure about which island in particular, well we’ll try to give you a quick rundown of what to expect from which of them so that you can then do further research.

So let’s start in alphabetical order.


The place is arid and almost featureless however, this only makes its main attraction that much more alluring – a ribbon of beaches lined with some of the most world-class resorts backed up with malls of familiar eateries and bars.

The Bahamas

This is probably the go-to place for a plethora of choices, offering a bit of everything the Caribbean has to offer, for mega-resorts to isolated hideaways.

Cayman Islands

Despite their reputation for being a tax shelter, this archipelago has some of the best resorts, diving, snorkeling and swimming you can find.


Another of the most well-known destinations in the archipelago, and even though it has a reputation of being poverty-stricken – and it is in large parts of it – it is also home to a wide array of resorts, from the posh to the rather lurid and also a very distinct blend of urban culture. Also you should expect to hear a lot of Bob Marley songs in various interpretations.

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