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The Caterpillar Hill Initiative

The Caterpillar Hill Initiative


We make it our business to tell you about the very many places and things you can discover on this very blue planet of ours, and while that is a great goal in itself we also like to do our part and try to help those who would protect it from the ravages of modern development, and today we’ll be talking about one such enterprise, the Caterpillar Hill Initiative.

This non-profit initiative aims to protect the region of its namesake so that it can remain a part of the local community.

2014 might just offer the Catterpillar Hill Initiative its best chance of realizing this goam because the price of the land has now come down from its initial cost of $2 million, nine years ago, to under $900,000. While this decrease in price makes it more possible for the Initiative to purchase the land it also increases the risk of losing the land to development.

Though the Initiative isn’t planning on simply purchasing the land and not doing anything with it, the idea is to build something on the top of the hill that can serve as an inspiration to those who come to visit it.

As such the idea was to create an open-air amphitheater with its stage being a wonderfully designed tile mandala. This will be called the Avalonia Amphitheater Porject names as such after the ancient archipelago that make up most of the location’s sweeping vista. The aim of the amphitheater being to offer residents and visitors a new and unique venue for all manner of social interaction such as lectures, theater, movies, art classes and community events.

In order to make their dream a reality, the Caterpillar Hill Initiative has taken to the Internet to gather funds so that they can start this grand project.

Their plan isn’t however to raise the almost $900,000, their goal is considerably smaller but it will be sufficient to get the ball rolling on arranging the various community aspects of the project and in case their stretch goal is achieved it will allow the Initiative to secure a Purchase and Sal Agreement.

For more details on this plan of theirs make sure you visit the Caterpillar Hill Initive Indiegog campaign page and look into their project further.