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Best cycling routes on the planet (part 1)

Best cycling routes on the planet (part 1)

With spring finally deciding to slowly show itself on the Northern Hemisphere, the clear skies, fresh – yet still cold – air and blossoming nature makes one think of spending more time in nature. And for those of us who like to be in nature and active, there’s always hiking but there is also biking, and today we’ll start talking about some of the best cycling routes on the planet.

Isle of Wight – England

Thanks to being home to some of the most varied terrain in the UK, the Isle of Wight is a great cycling destination, its rolling hills overlook the sea and narrow lanes through hedgerows take you into deep and mysterious green gullies.

The most striking and particular feature of the island is the ridge of white chalk cliffs – even though local cyclists have been enjoying this place for decades now, only in recent years has it become popular on the mainland and more tourists have started to journey here.

Luveron and Mont Ventoux – Provence, France

A quick dash across the Channel and we’re in France where the hilly Luberon is set up with hundreds of kilometers of very well-signaled bike paths, which take you through and alongside ancient Roman ruins, medieval chateaux and wonderful wines. This particularly sun-drenched corner of Provence is a wonderful blend of well-kept vineyards and ancient villages, all clinging to dear life on rocky slopes.

This is a rather mountainous region and you’ll be constantly aware of this fact thanks to the cool pine forests that you’ll encounter all throughout the region, for the hardcore cyclists the goal is the rather legendary Mount Ventoux which has been the scene of many Tour de France dramas – it dominates the landscape and quietly lures in cyclist pilgrims to its summit, much like the mythical sirens of old.

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