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Aveiro trip

Aveiro trip

On your Aveiro trip you’ll be visiting a settlement that dates back to at least 959 AD, when it was of great importance for the region thanks to its salt pans. Then during the middle ages it was a very prosperous port town focusing on cod fishing, however that didn’t last very long because the harbor mouth got silted up because of some strong storms.

Nowadays Aveiro is a relatively quiet small town, with an old lagoon that spans about sixty-five square kilometers. It has a unique type of charm thanks to its many canals and small boats used to collect seaweed. Because of this feature Aveiro is sometimes compared to Venice, but it’s only a comparison in as far as they are two cities that have canals going through them, that is where the comparison ends. But nevertheless, Aveiro’s people and culture are closely linked to the sea and the lagoon.

While the canals are one of the major attractions of the city, one should not forget about the Camara Municipal, or City Hall. You can find it on the pedestrianized street of Rua Coimbra located in the Praca da Republica. At its center you’ll see the statue of Joao Magalhaes, the hero of the civil revolution. As for the building, it was built back in 1797 in a typical Portuguese style featuring dark pink roofs and a light pink surface.

Nearby you’ll find the Igreja da Misericordia whose façade is beautifully ornamented with blue-and-white azulejo panels, something of a regional particularity for many centuries.

These are just a few of the things that you can see and do while in Aveiro, make sure you employ our Aveiro car hire services in order to see as much of the town and its surrounding as possible, you won’t regret it.



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